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Tips to Creating a Viral Marketing Campaign

In this era, every entrepreneur has to be on social media to promote their business. Creating a viral marketing campaign is the ideal goal for every entrepreneur because it can lead to the success of the business overnight. Viral marketing is a really powerful way to grow a business. You can either create one yourself or have a digital agency Canberra do it for you.

Here are some tips you can follow to create a DIY viral marketing campaign:

Generate Ideas

There are tons of ideas available online but successful ideas are those that not only drive your business like crazy but are also never done before. So, through these ideas, your business grows so well that you don’t have to worry anymore. Most importantly is how well you manage and execute your idea regardless of how good it is. Brainstorm ideas that suit to your particular audience. You should focus on one marketing strategy and then stick to it till the end. Plan a structure of your campaign. Once your idea is finalized you have to track your success and compare it with your competitors.

Master the Target Audience

In order to create viral marketing ideas, you have to understand your target audience. Your idea will only be effective as long as it speaks to the people. The campaign should be focused on what the target audience wants and what’s important enough to them to share content online.

Select the Appropriate Social Media Platform

Every social media platform is for a different purpose. Before posting the content, you should choose the platform on which to specialize. There are various social media platforms where you can start your campaign like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. However, it depends on the type of content you create that which platform is the best for you. The platform you choose should be influenced by the information you acquired researching your target audience.

Create Content with High Engagement

Most social media platforms have an algorithm that ranks the content based on the likelihood of user’s preference. Content that is expected to engage the followers and to spark their interest is mostly at the top of the page and the content that is less compelling to the user it ranked at the bottom. Viral marketers should create content that has high likelihood to be ranked at the top and thus is more likely to be shared.

Generate Media Attention


If your viral marketing campaign really starts to gain attention then try to amplify the campaign by getting various media outlets onboard.  News organizations will be eager to provide the brand with the coverage when they see something worth it. This worth can be determined by how thousands or millions of people respond positively to your campaign. Through media attention, your viral marketing campaign will even get more hype.


The business of strategy consultant is among the most attractive for students of French grandes écoles. A study of Business School students’ favorite companies ranked 5 consulting firms in the top 10 most attractive companies in all sectors. For engineering schools, if technological and industrial companies are often favored, we also find at the top of the ranking of the big names of the board, in front of the big investment banks.

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3 Reasons to Counsel

There are three main reasons for applying to consultancy firms. First, the careers of consultants evolve quickly. Second, wages are among the highest in the labor market. Finally, the job offers many intellectual challenges: the consultant must often work out of his “comfort zone”, and thus discover new sectors and new business issues in a short time.

Specific recruitment processes

The consulting professions are above all characterized by their high selectivity. It is estimated that out of 100 CVs received at McKinsey, we will have between 1 and 5% of candidates received in fine. The percentage depends on the office concerned and the profile of the candidates. In any case, the strategy consulting sector is one of the most selective sectors in the world of work. In comparison, the prestigious Harvard University accepts between 10 and 12% of candidates in his most famous degree: the MBA.

The recruitment process is structured in several “rounds”. Typically a firm will organize 3 to 4 rounds for the most famous. Each of the rounds consists of 2 preliminary rounds. A candidate who receives an offer from a consulting firm must therefore succeed between 6 and 8 interviews to get his place in the firm.

The test of the case study, the bête noire of the candidates

In a consulting firm, a candidate will not only have to present himself and detail his motivation, he will also have to prove himself in a specific scenario: the study of cases. This test is intended to test the skills of the candidate on a concrete case, generally resulting from a real mission of consultant. The difficulty lies first of all in the improvisation part, since the candidate does not know what to expect in terms of sector or problem. Secondly, the other difficulty of the case study is related to its professional and non-academic nature. Some candidates prepare the test as a preparation for class competitions prepa: they are mistaken target.
On the other hand, the good news is that a case study does not require any particular technical knowledge or expertise of a given sector. These tests require common sense and business sense. Some candidates want to measure themselves against the great diversity of subjects by training on a large volume of cases and figuring out the means to solve them. But it will be difficult to remember everything on D-Day with stress, plus, you will not be alone in front of your sheet but face a recruiter who will play the role of the client. And under these conditions, it is difficult to reconstruct arguments prepared in advance.

Conceptually, the secret to a successful case study is to apply the consultants’ working methods to this selection test. It starts by not considering yourself as a candidate, but as a consultant on the job. But how do you do when you have no counseling experience?

 Connect to the maximum with this sector in the months before your interviews: through targeted readings, your network or events organized by your school such as forums. Work with consultants from the alumni network of your school and prepare as a group of 3 to 5 candidates for simulation simulations. This type of practical training will allow you to understand what is expected during the case studies.

Mission of the profession: Consultant



The Roll of the strategy consultant is to provide concrete solutions to the problems encountered by the company. For example, if they have difficulty managing their staff, the strategy consultant develops a human resources and skills management plan. If sales decline, it attacks the fitness of marketing. If the relations with the suppliers fester, it intervenes as mediator.

There are several reasons for a company to hire an external consultant to solve a particular problem: sometimes it does not have qualified staff available, sometimes the urgency of the situation implies that it can not entrust this task. task to employees already overworked …

The difficulty of the job comes from the fact that you have to master all aspects of the strategy, from the group’s policy to the profile of its target clientele and marketing as a rule. Moreover, the relations between the various services, but also with the outside world (suppliers, customers, competitors, partners …) must not have any secrets for the strategy consultant. A requirement all the more complicated that it is in principle used by a service provider who sends it to the corporate sponsor for a limited time. It must quickly adapt to the specificities of each client and become in a few weeks as effective as an employee who has worked within this structure for years! Moreover, it is often used as a last resort when the company goes through a crisis,