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iPhone 8 screen replacement: What you should keep in mind?

Being unable to use a smartphone because of a cracked screen can be very inconvenient in today’s world, where cell phones are an essential part of our everyday lives. You can change the screen on your iPhone 8 to avoid going to the Apple Store and the accompanying charges if you face this problem.


Step by step iPhone 8 screen replacement


Several items are required before you begin the replacement process:


Replacement Screen Kit: Ensure your iPhone 8 replacement screen kit is of the highest quality. The new screen, necessary tools, and adhesive are frequently included in these packages.

Find a tidy, well-lit, and uncluttered workspace. Something ideal would be a large table or desk.

Prioritize your safety by wearing safety goggles and static-free gloves. It is also crucial to turn off your iPhone and disconnect any cables.

1)Acquire the Necessary Tools: Ensure you have all the necessary tools before starting the screen replacement.

2)Turn off your iPhone: Before continuing, ensure your iPhone is entirely switched off. This step is essential for the safety and the integrity of your equipment.

3) Take the screws out: Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the iPhone’s frame together. Keep these screws organized because they come in various sizes and must be put back in their proper places during reassembly.

4) Take apart your iPhone: Use the plastic case opening tools carefully to open the iPhone’s front panel gently. Working from the borders inward, be careful not to harm the delicate inside parts as you go.

5) Remove the Battery: Find and disconnect the battery after disassembling the iPhone. This step is needed to avoid any electrical accidents while replacing the screen.

6) Take Off the Damaged Screen: After the new screen has been firmly installed, reconnect the battery to turn on your iPhone.

7)Install the New Screen: Install the new screen, ensuring all connectors and screws fit into the appropriate slots. As you go, very carefully reattach the screws and parts.

8)Inspect Your iPhone: Before you finish, turn on your iPhone to check that the new screen is working correctly. Check the camera’s operation, display quality, and responsiveness to touch.

9) Reassemble your iPhone: If everything appears in order, you can start the reassembly procedure. Replace the screws after carefully closing the front panel to keep it in place. The plastic case opening tools should snap any remaining clips into place.

10)Remove the screws holding the damaged screen gently. To remove cables and components, use tweezers if necessary. Take your time and be careful throughout this stage.


With the correct equipment and some determination, professional iPhone 8 screen replacement is a doable DIY project. Following this step-by-step tutorial, you can save money and have your iPhone look and work like new. However, seeking expert assistance is always a good idea if you feel uneasy about handling it alone. With a changed screen, your iPhone 8 will continue to work well for years.






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