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What Does It Take to Become a Commercial Lawyer?

The world revolves around commerce, and it is essential for our survival. Commerce has been able to forge an eternal bond between producers and consumers. More producers can meet utility, and this has boosted the commerce industry.

As a result, there is a need for laws and regulations to protect producers and consumers and ensure their interests are protected; those who break the rules be held accountable to ensure transparency and accountability in the commerce industry.

Commercial law, also known as mercantile or trade law, therefore, entails ensuring rights of producers, consumers, and retailers are taken into account, that trade and commerce regulations are followed, and ensure the conduct in the industry is ethical.

Work Description and Responsibilities

A commercial lawyer practices commercial law. Commerce is a massive part of the global economy at large, and the players are many. The need for commercial lawyers is ever-growing since the industry is booming.

What is the bridge between commercial lawyers and the world of commerce?

  • Draft and review business contracts within a business or with third parties.
  • Contract of mergers, take-overs, and dissolving of business.
  • Ensure businesses follow product and market regulations.
  • Drafting employer, employee, and employment contracts.
  • Moderate purchase contracts and agreements
  • Enforcing local and international laws

Commercial lawyers are essential to the commerce industry to ensure the law of tort precedes and litigation when necessary.

Want to be a Commercial Lawyer?

Commercial lawyers, like any other profession, require a particular set of skills and abilities. What does it take to be a commercial lawyer?

Book oriented

Commerce mainly covers five topics; Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, and English. To understand commercial law, you need first to be conversant with commerce and then learn the law part of it. It takes a lot of hard and smart work to be a commercial lawyer.


The commerce industry changes daily; it is ever-evolving. A competent commercial lawyer is aware of the business and commerce news, globally and locally. A deep understanding of the commerce industry is crucial.

Impeccable research skills

Commercial lawyer’s draft, review and edit commercial reports and laws. It requires doing a lot of research on the business and consumers, competitors, government, and global factors. Drafting documents and contracts is the primary task of a commercial lawyer.


A commercial lawyer should create and maintain client relationships to gain business and maintain a good rapport with people in the commerce community since the community is dependent on one another.


Being a commercial lawyer is an outstanding achievement, and some of the advantages are:

  • Salary

Commercial lawyers put in a lot of work in their profession and are generally well compensated for their hard work.

  • Versatile

Branches of commerce include Trade, Transport, Banking, Insurance, Advertising, and Communication, among many others. A commercial lawyer can choose to work in any branch of their choice.

  • Lawmaking

Apart from representing businesses, commercial lawyers can liaise with the government and create commercial laws for the country or government institutions.


One of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the world is commerce. Without commerce, the world would crumble financially. Therefore, the regulations, law, and purpose of business hold the drive together, with commercial lawyers’ help.

Commercial lawyers are a necessity, which creates employment for many people willing to take up the task. It is not easy to be a commercial lawyer, but they are needed, wanted, and crucial to the commerce industry. Taurus Legal in Melbourne has commercial lawyers that you can trust.


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