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Tips to Creating a Viral Marketing Campaign

In this era, every entrepreneur has to be on social media to promote their business. Creating a viral marketing campaign is the ideal goal for every entrepreneur because it can lead to the success of the business overnight. Viral marketing is a really powerful way to grow a business. You can either create one yourself or have a digital agency Canberra do it for you.

Here are some tips you can follow to create a DIY viral marketing campaign:

Generate Ideas

There are tons of ideas available online but successful ideas are those that not only drive your business like crazy but are also never done before. So, through these ideas, your business grows so well that you don’t have to worry anymore. Most importantly is how well you manage and execute your idea regardless of how good it is. Brainstorm ideas that suit to your particular audience. You should focus on one marketing strategy and then stick to it till the end. Plan a structure of your campaign. Once your idea is finalized you have to track your success and compare it with your competitors.

Master the Target Audience

In order to create viral marketing ideas, you have to understand your target audience. Your idea will only be effective as long as it speaks to the people. The campaign should be focused on what the target audience wants and what’s important enough to them to share content online.

Select the Appropriate Social Media Platform

Every social media platform is for a different purpose. Before posting the content, you should choose the platform on which to specialize. There are various social media platforms where you can start your campaign like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. However, it depends on the type of content you create that which platform is the best for you. The platform you choose should be influenced by the information you acquired researching your target audience.

Create Content with High Engagement

Most social media platforms have an algorithm that ranks the content based on the likelihood of user’s preference. Content that is expected to engage the followers and to spark their interest is mostly at the top of the page and the content that is less compelling to the user it ranked at the bottom. Viral marketers should create content that has high likelihood to be ranked at the top and thus is more likely to be shared.

Generate Media Attention


If your viral marketing campaign really starts to gain attention then try to amplify the campaign by getting various media outlets onboard.  News organizations will be eager to provide the brand with the coverage when they see something worth it. This worth can be determined by how thousands or millions of people respond positively to your campaign. Through media attention, your viral marketing campaign will even get more hype.

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